Trade Registar

  • According to 6102 Turkish Commercial Law, Trade Registry Office proceedings.
  • Editing of registry files Companies
  • According to Turkish Commercial Code and the Commercial Registry Regulations provide documents and information requested by the registers in accordance with regulations.
  • To make the real and registration of changes in the status of legal entity status.
  • To make processes related to the Commercial Business Pledge
  • Provide information about the registry records they request in writing of the Public Institutions
  • Entitled to arrange and sign the court correspondences
  • To perform the other duties given by this legislation and miscellaneous regulations and the duties to be given by the council, board of directors or chairman of the board, Secretary General and Assistant Secretary General within the frame of the regulations.
  • Registry certification proceedings
  • Execution of the subjects regarding the elections.
  • To give a copy of the gazette.

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