a) To execute the works of chamber within the framework of the legislation and assembly decisions.
b) To submit the budget, final account and transfer proposals and the reports thereon to the assembly of chamber.
c) To submit the monthly account report to the assembly of the chamber for examination and approval.
d) To give decision regarding the employment, dismissal, promotion and transfer of the chamber staff.
e) To give decision regarding that the board of discipline may execute the inquiries and to ensure that the disciplinary and pecuniary penalties imposed in accordance with this Law are implemented.
f) To prepare lists of arbitrator and experts and submit them to the assembly for approval.
g) To certify the documents stated in this Law and relevant legislation.
h) To prepare and submit an annual report regarding the activity of the chamber in a year and the economical and industrial status of the chamber’s region to the assembly.
ı) To submit the prepared internal directive of chamber to the assembly.
j) To make all kind of examination with regard to commerce and industry, to keep the records of the indexes and statistics concerning commercial and industrial activities within in working field, to follow and to record the market prices of materials determined by the assembly and announce them with appropriate instruments.
k) To take decisions regarding the discipline process of chamber employees in accordance with the procedures and principles envisaged in this Law and relevant legislation.
l) To reward the members paying taxes, exporting and developing technology in high levels.
m) To support and encourage social activities, to make donations and aids, to grant scholarship, to establish schools and classrooms with the approval of the assembly, provided that the equivalent exists in the budget.
n) To elect arbitrator or arbitral tribunal.
o) To perform other duties conferred by this Law and the relevant legislation to chambers and not exclusively conferred to another organ.

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