Murat KIRLANGIÇ was born in AMASYA in 1974.He was gruated from Kılıçarslan Primary school.After gruated from secondery and high school from Atatürk High School,He started to work as a driver trainer at his family`s driving school.In 1994 ,He opened Kırlangıç Steel and he stared to sales of steel pipes and made production of steel constructions.In 1999 he established Akbay Construction Co.Ltd and he continued with construction.

In 2000 in Hatuniye District which is located on Amasya`s tourism region,he restoreted a 70 yeras old mansion and opened Harşena hotel.In 2003 behalf of the growing tourism he opened Grand Harşena Hotel.After married in 2006 , he opened Amasya`s first dialysis center.In 2013 He opened The Apple Place Hotel which is Amasya`s Largest and well-equipped hotel.He constructed Amasya Bus Station with build- operate – transfer system.At the same time since 2008 he is vice president of tourism association and besides he is Tax Committee Member of THE UNION OF CHAMBERS AND COMMODITY EXCHANGES OF TURKEY and he is director of Middle Black Sea Development Agency.He was elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Amasya Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 8th June 2013 and he continues to work on behalf of Amasya Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Amasya Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Etkinlik Takvimi

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