Amasya, located on the European-Istanbul-Iran International highway route from many cities of Central Anatolia to the Black Sea; It is in a good position in terms of transportation facilities. Amasya is connected to the Black Sea coast by road in the north and by Samsun by road and railway. It is 336 km to Ankara, 671 km to Istanbul, 114 km to Tokat, 92 km to Corum and 131 km to Samsun City Center. Amasya-Merzifon Airport, which has been in service since 2008, has become one of the most important transportation sources of the region.

While the majority of those engaged in trade in the province have engaged in retail trade, there has been great progress in Industry and Trade in recent years. In addition, there is an increase in the revenues generated from the sales of agricultural products. The province trade, which is based on the purchase and sale of agricultural products, is mostly carried out with İstanbul-Ankara and Samsun provinces. Livestock trade has an important place in the province. In addition, milk and fattening cattle and ovine livestock, Amasya economy has an important place. In recent years, with the increase in investments in livestock and poultry husbandry sector, egg production is also observed. It is the establishment of a production facility with a capacity of 1,000,000 eggs / day per day, operating in a closed area of ​​20,000 m2 opened in Suluova, which provides the revival of this sector. Said property is 2.5% of the production capacity to meet Turkey eggs alone.

Amasya; Apple, Cherry, Peach, Pear, Quince, Plum, Apricot, Grape with fruit, onion, Sugar beet, Sunflower, corn, wheat, poppy, green lentil, potatoes with field cultivation, greenhouse tomato and cucumber, pepper, eggplant, lettuce, cauliflower, cabbage, green beans, okra, pumpkin etc. vegetables are also important in vegetables. These products are marketed to the domestic market of our country as well as Cherry, onion, apple, etc .. are exported to foreign countries. Sugar beet, onion, chickpea, lentils, beans, sugar, sunflower oil, milk and milk products, eggs, animal feed, flour, lime, brick, tile, lignite coal, durable consumer goods, cement, iron, citrus products such as inside and outside the province are the most important products that are subject to trade.

225,429 tons of vegetable production and 105,338 tons of fruit production have been made in the province. Particularly tableware has been the production of 33,514 Tons, 28,881 Tons of cherries as 101,822 Tons, okra 1.708 Tons and various apple species. Domestic and international sales were made.

Amasya has an important potential for livestock. In the province, animal husbandry is generally family business. As a result of some studies and supports made in recent years, there have been significant advances in animal husbandry. Organized Besi region is located in Suluova district. In addition, the studies for the establishment of Integrated Meat Products Bio gas facilities are ongoing.

In the field of industry Marble, dry yeast, kitchen appliances, extractor hood, products, textile products, Rivet, furniture and office furniture, lignite, metal industrial products, chemical and plastic industrial products As well as domestic sales are made abroad. Marble, built-in kitchen products have an important place in exports. The marble industry in Amasya is highly developed and exports are made abroad. In Merzifon district, there are the first and only manufacturers in the production of aspirator, hoods, oven kitchenware, machine molds and shadow-pole electric motor, they export to Europe and other countries significantly.

Amasya University, established in 2006, has made a great leap forward with newly opened branches and has become one of the preferred universities. Currently, it provides education with 10965 students. Opening of new high schools in the districts provided a positive development in our trade.

In our city, there are important developments in cultural tourism. Tourism, mobilizing many sectors and businesses, creating jobs; is an important tool that contributes to the opening of the region to the outside world. Amasya was taken by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 15 cities within the scope of the brand city project and tourism has been developing in recent years with tourism-oriented arrangements and activities. In addition, tours and visits in Turkey and abroad have increased in 2013. 467 thousand 659 people visited the museum.

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