Industry in Amasya; The factory-scale industrialization movement with the former Çeltek Coal Plant established in 1926 and the New Çeltek Coal Plant established in 1955 started with the establishment of the Sugar Factory in Suluova in 1954. With the increase of beet cultivation and the establishment of Amasya Sugar Factory, the beginning of the developments in the food industry, especially the sugar industry.

The industry of Amasya has consisted of land-based enterprises for many years. With the implementation of the law no. The number of industrial enterprises registered in the industrial register in Amasya province is 216 Am. The total industrial enterprises in Turkey emerging industry with a rate of 0.3% is among the provinces.

Amasya Turkey GDP constitutes the GDP of 0.4; 63% of GDP is composed of services, 30% is agriculture and 7% is industrial sector values. In Amasya, sektör manufacturing of food products and beverages, mining and quarrying, stone-based industry and machinery and equipment manufacturing are not classified elsewhere. When the investments made by the firms in the province between 2006 and 2013 are examined, it is noteworthy that the same sectors have come to the forefront and investments with high budgets have been started for the energy production (HES). When the construction works of the 13 HEPPs on Amasya Yeşilırmak are completed, 726.6 million kWh of electricity will be produced. This amount of energy to be produced will exceed the annual electricity consumption of Amasya province.

Amasya in Amasya Beige local deposits of natural stone reserves (1.400.000.000m³), 21% of registered natural stone reserves in Turkey and in the world known reserves constitute approximately 10%. Yellow-honey-colored natural stone (marble), appearance and quality (stain, water, does not absorb, less erosion) has managed to announce his name on a national and international scale abroad. In 2013, exports to more than 40 countries, including China, India, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, were realized.

Amasya in marble, blocks and plates of up to 0.5 cm in any size and technique, semi-finished and block production capacity to perform and modern technology; It has 18 different natural stone products in 6 classrooms. In the future, it is thought that they will make serious contributions to the economy of Amasya.

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