Agriculture is in the first place in our city's economy and 141,077 people from 28,651 farmers provide their livelihood. In 2013, the monetary value of plant and animal production was 1.963.351.644 TL.

The total area of ​​the province is 570.100 hectares. 44.7% of this is 254.960 hectares of agricultural land. 166.713 (65.38%) of hectares of agricultural land and 88.247 (34.62%) of hectares of agricultural land are irrigated agricultural areas.

Amasya ecology with a general combination of taste, aroma and taste of some products with the reputation of the spruce apple and gumia in a different environment does not reveal these properties. Even within the provincial boundaries, these characteristics of apple and bamia vary.

Amasya has an important potential for livestock. According to 2013 data, there are 174,667 cattle, 141,762 sheep, 1,200,575 poultry and 17,575 bees.

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