Profession committees of chambers

Duties of profession committees of chambers

Profession committees of chambers shall be composed of five or seven persons, and five, seven, nine or eleven persons for the chambers exceeding ten thousand members, to be elected by profession groups for a period of four years. Alternate members of the same number of principal members shall also be elected.
Committee elects a chairman and a deputy chairman among its members for a period of four years.

The duties of profession committees of chambers are as follows:
a) To execute examinations regarding their professions, and to make proposals for discussion to the board of directors concerning measures that they consider beneficial and necessary for their field of activities.
b) To decide on the attendance of the chairman, the deputy chairman and the suitable members attend to the assembly meeting without voting about the issues on of the assembly’s agenda in connection with profession committees.
c) To research and respond to the request of information on matters regarding their professions, upon request by the assembly or the board of directors.
d) To perform all other duties conferred by relevant legislation.

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