Amasya Chamber of Commerce and Industry was set up in 1926 by draper Hasan Tahsin and is still active as a Constitutional Professional Legal Entity to cater for the common needs of its members, to facilitate their professional activities, to maintain professional discipline, moral values and solidarity so as to establish honesty and reliability in the relatio.The first activities were started at a two-storey wooden building which was rented from Şıhlarlı Osman.

The first board members were Temiz Ali Efendi, Salih Hafız (Kılıçaslan), Çavuşoğlu Ahmet Efendi, Baytarzade Hacı İsmail Efendi, Kontratçı Hasan Efendi, Azgınzade Hacı Halil, Hacı Süleymanzade, Hacı Hafız Mustafa, Gevrekzade Nurettin, Veysibeyzade Sıtkı Bey, Rıfat Kazanasmaz and Göztaş Seda Cemal.
When Amasya Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established the number of dealing with trade grows, the number of our members had increased.Today in 15 groups ,total 1094 traders and industrialists are registered to Chamber of commerce and industry.In 30 Nov 1954 Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Nihat KÜTÜKÇÜ who elected second time, he attempted to build chamber`s first building.He purchased the first plot. After 5 years in 1959, Chairman of the Board of Directors Kemal KELEZ began to construction 4 –storey building on plot of 250 m2.In 1967 on the same plot,there were constructed a new building by Nihat ÖZDEMİR.Thus building of chamber of commerce and industry setteled on 500 m2 plot and 12 shops were rented.
In 1999 chamber`s building was restorated by Enis ÖZDEMİR who was Chairman of the Board of Directors. In 2000 with the new service building with 10 rental office Chairman of the Board of Directors Muammer GEDİK directed to chamber till 2013.On June 2013, Murat KIRLANGIÇ was selected as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Amasya Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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