According to the 4th article of the Chambers, Commodity Exchanges and Union law no. 5174– Chambers are occupational establishments having the nature of public legal entities established in order to fulfill the common needs of their members, to facilitate such members’ occupational activities, to ensure the development of occupations in line with common benefits, to maintain occupational discipline, ethics and cooperation so as to ensure honesty and trust among their members and in their public relationships, and to perform the services indicated in the Law and the duties that chambers have been conferred by the relevant legislation.
The duties of chambers are as follows:
a)To protect and progress professional ethics, discipline and solidarity, to work for the progression of the commerce and industry in conformity with public interest.
b)To compile the information and news regarding commerce and industry and to give them to persons concerned, to provide information that is requested by official authorities in accordance with relevant laws and especially to provide any kind of information that may be needed by the members during the performance of their work upon their request or to make it easy for their members to acquire such information, to take initiatives to lead their members with regard to electronic commerce and internet network, and to establish and put into operation the required infrastructure for these activities.
c)To make all kinds of researches with regard to commerce and industry, to keep records of indexes and statistics concerning economical, commercial and industrial activities, to follow and record the market prices of main products and distribute them with proper instruments.
d)To issue and approve the documents set out in article 26.
e)To make offers, requests and applications to official authorities with regard to their professional activities, to bring a suit, by a decision from the assembly, on behalf of himself or members when all or some of the members have professional interest.
f)To determine commercial and industrial customs in their professional fields, to submit them to the Ministry for approval, and to announce them.
g)To take professional decisions that the members are obliged to comply with.
h)To participate in domestic and overseas fairs and expositions.
ı)When deemed necessary, to determine and approve the maximum price tariffs for goods and services for their members listed in article 125 of Law No. 507 on the Craftsmen and Tradesmen in conformity with the regulation that will be enacted by the Ministry.
Note: The items of j, k, l, m, n, o and p were excluded which are associated with Sea Chambers of Commerce.
r)To perform the duties assigned by other legislations and the duties that will be assigned by the Ministry and the Union in accordance with the relevant laws.
s)To keep the members’ record in accordance with the standards set out by the Union and to save the documents with regard to the membership dues and to submit them to the Union whenever it is requested.
t)In case where the works, which are given to the ministries and other public institutions by the legislation, are given to the chambers in the framework of their establishment purpose and working fields that are stated in this Law, these chambers shall carry out these works.
u)To give the documents needed by the members and to render the services regarding those documents.
v)To assess the applications for the fairs organized domestically and to make an offer to the Union in that regard.
y)To examine the consumer’s complaints regarding their members and to do other activities in line with their establishment purposes.
z)To issue capacity reports for industrialists by the chambers of commerce and industry, and at the provinces where the commerce and industry chambers are separated, by the chamber of industry.
In addition, the chambers, within the framework of the provisions of legislation, perform other duties as follows:
a)To establish or to participate in laboratories oriented to determine the quality of the commercial goods, to establish or participate in international calibration, testing laboratories, to render certification services,
b) To open courses regarding commercial, maritime business and industry, to assist the courses that have already opened, to train students in abroad or domestically for required areas and to provide trainees under the permission and supervision of the Ministry of National Education; to work on improvement and orientation of the professional and technical education and training, to issue documents related to the foregoing application of the profession branches that are not covered by the Law No. 3308 on Professional Education Law to the limits of the offices of their members,
c) To be an arbitrator in commercial and industrial disputes and to form arbitration boards, upon the request of the relevant persons,
d) To participate in exhibitions, fairs, public warehouses, storages, museums and libraries that are already opened or will be opened,
e) To establish and manage industrial sites, industrial zones, organized industrial zones technology improvement zones, techno-parks, technology centers in places where the Ministry finds appropriate; to be a founder and manager or just manager of free zones, operate warehouse and to establish and operate fair areas, congress centers and commercial centers or to participate to the already established ones in the framework of Law No. 3218 on Free Zones.

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