Account Review Commission

Finalization of election of members of Parliament from among its members at the first meeting of the review committee selects the account. Accounts views of the members of the commission are elected term of office continues until the new location.


  • The draft budget presented to the Assembly Rooms, monthly balance and equilibrium, the final accounts of the budget from one chapter to another chapter to examine the transfer proposal.
  • Registration fee and annual dues will be on tariffs and tariffs for services and examine amended.
  • Rooms issues referred by the Speaker to critique.
  • The Commission presented its proposals and accounts within the period determined by examining the parliamentary speaker's opinion in a report presented to parliament by editing.
  • The Board of Directors is prepared and submitted for consideration by the Assembly budget preparation, review and reporting within the period set by the Assembly.
  • Presented to Parliament by the Executive Board Room of the Assembly determines the final accounts during the time to examine and report to the Assembly to offer.
  • Collection and spend time meeting with the relevant accounting transactions to be identified in the event of a violation of the legislation by checking to submit reports to parliament.
  • If deemed necessary, the collection and expenditure and other accounting period to check on meeting business and operations.

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